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Established in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1888, the Harcourts real estate company has burgeoned into a leading entity, with its present headquarters situated in Brisbane.

Since its inception, the company has expanded beyond its Wellington origins, adopting a franchising model in 1985. Harcourts currently boasts a widespread global presence, operating in numerous countries, including Australia, Fiji, South Africa, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Canada, and the US (California, Oregon).

Renowned as one of the country’s most successful property managers, Harcourts maintains a formidable team of professionals specializing in finance, marketing, technology, training, franchise development, and value-added services.

Engaging in diverse property categories such as residential, commercial, rural, and urban property management, Harcourts positions itself as a versatile player in the real estate arena.

Noteworthy is the company’s claim of achieving a staggering $50 billion in property sales in the preceding year (2021), as reported by Harcourts.