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Murray Pest Control

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In the annals of pest control history, the story of Murray Pest Control began in 1959 when Peter Scott Snr embarked on his career in the Mid North of South Australia. Starting a young business, he aptly named it after the iconic River Murray, symbolizing the roots and foundation of his venture.

Fast forward to the present day, Murray Pest Control has evolved and established itself as a prominent player in South Australia’s pest control landscape. Now headquartered in the capital city of Adelaide, the business continues to thrive and expand its reach. Through a well-organized franchise network, Murray Pest Control proudly extends its professional pest control services across the entire state, reflecting a legacy of expertise and commitment that spans over six decades. The journey from its humble beginnings along the River Murray to becoming a trusted entity in Adelaide underscores the enduring dedication and success of Murray Pest Control in the pest management industry.