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Ray White


Established in 1902 within the quaint confines of Crows Nest, Ray White has evolved into Australia’s prominent real estate conglomerate, navigating transactions surpassing $46 billion in property value. This family-owned enterprise, reminiscent of contemporary tech giants originating from garage spaces, persists as a robust entity even a century since its inception. Hailing from a railway siding in a modest town, the company’s roots mirror an unconventional yet successful trajectory.

Situated in Sydney, Ray White stands among the leading companies in the region, exhibiting a noteworthy net worth of over $46 billion (Sources: RayWhite, CampdenFB). Specializing in diverse property categories such as commercial, rural, hotels, and marine assets, the company has broadened its scope beyond Australian borders. Ray White’s operational footprint extends to New Zealand, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, China, the Middle East, and Atlanta, USA, underscoring its global presence and influence (Sources: RayWhite).