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Sushi Sushi

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In the culinary landscape of Australia, the story of Sushi Sushi began in 1998 with the opening of our first store in Box Hill, Victoria. Driven by a bold vision to revolutionize the way Australians experience sushi, our aspiration was clear: to transform it from a specialty reserved for high-end Japanese restaurants into a fresh, healthy, on-the-go meal accessible to everyone.

Our dream swiftly turned into reality, and the success of our venture is evident as we approach a remarkable milestone of almost 170 Sushi Sushi stores across the nation. This achievement not only solidifies our position as a significant player in the Australian food scene but also makes us the largest and most beloved sushi brand in the country.

What sets us apart is our commitment to making the seemingly impossible accessible to all and simplifying the complexities of sushi. We’ve taken this traditional Japanese delicacy and made it a convenient, everyday indulgence. As the pioneers of sushi in Australia, we take immense pride in our journey—from our humble beginnings in Box Hill to becoming a household name with a national presence. At Sushi Sushi, we continue to celebrate the joy of sharing delicious, fresh, and healthy sushi with our customers, making every roll a testament to our legacy as sushi innovators in Australia.