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Boost Juice


Janine Allis, an Australian adventurer and entrepreneur, embarked on a journey in the year 2000 that would forever change the landscape of the juice and smoothie industry. With no prior business experience but armed with unlimited passion and unwavering family support, she opened her first juice bar in Adelaide.

This bar was named Boost Juice, which has since grown to become one of the most popular and beloved juice and smoothie brands worldwide. With over 580 stores spanning 13 different countries, Boost Juice continues to captivate consumers with its winning combination of fresh fruit and vegetables, delectable products, and innovative marketing campaigns. Indeed, the success story of Boost Juice is a testament to Janine Allis’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to providing customers with exceptional quality and taste.

Sometimes, the path to success requires immense dedication and hard work. This was certainly the case for Janine, who learned firsthand that success is not just about inspiration, but also about perspiration. Despite her initial plan to work fewer hours, Janine found herself working tirelessly for 100 hours a week for three years, with no financial reward in sight.

However, it was during this challenging period that Janine and Jeff decided to take a leap of faith and seize an opportunity at Westfield Shopping Centres. They committed to 28 leases, which came with a personal liability of over $5 million and a tight deadline of 18 months to open every store. It was a daunting task, but Janine’s determination and the support of amazing franchise partners helped them overcome every obstacle along the way.