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Top 15 Health and Beauty Franchises in Australia

Top 15 Health and Beauty Franchises in Australia

Top 15 Health and Beauty Franchises in Australia

Top 15 Health and Beauty Franchises in Australia

Australia’s health and beauty industry has experienced significant growth in the past few years, driven by factors ranging from consumer demand to innovations and a rise in e-commerce platforms.

Consider these numbers:

– Australians spend approximately $22 billion on beauty products per year.

– Women in Australia spend about $3,600 on beauty products annually.

-The personal care segment is the most prominent sector in the Australian beauty industry, with revenue of $3,391 million in 2021.

It is projected to grow by 5.8% in the next four years, reaching $3,737 million by 2026. (Source: Statista)

If you’re a businessperson looking to buy a health and beauty franchise in this profitable area, you have plenty of options.

With this blog, we are pretty sure that you will be able to find the right franchise to help you enter the health and beauty salon franchise sector in Australia.

Let’s head to the list:

Anytime Fitness, an Australian Gym franchise, has established a significant presence in Australia and operates under the entity Anytime Australia Pty Ltd.

With approximately 530 to 570 gyms across all states and territories in the country, it’s a leading name in the 24-hour gym franchise sector. (Ibis World)

The gym facilities are accessible 24/7, embodying a business model that blends commercial and lifestyle, which likely contributes to its appeal and growth in Australia.

Starting an Anytime Fitness franchise in Australia typically requires an initial investment of approximately AUD 350,000.

Across the country, this franchise has built a community of over 560,000 members, averaging about 1,100 members per club. (Source: Anytime Fitness)

Plus Fitness is an Australian-originated 24/7 gym franchise that has experienced significant growth since its inception.

Its model is built on offering members affordable, flexible, and convenient gym services.

With “no lock-in contracts” as one of its key selling points, the brand focuses on providing accessibility and ease of use to its members.

The foundation of Plus Fitness dates back to the 1990s, but it started its franchising journey in the 2010s.

Since then, the franchise has expanded within Australia and internationally, opening Franchises in New Zealand and India.

Plus Fitness had over 200 locations across Australia, and its international presence was growing.

The franchise’s rapid growth can be attributed to its member-centric approach and robust franchise support system.

Laser Clinics Australia has experienced remarkable growth since its inception.

Laser Clinics operates on a unique franchise model where each location opened is a 50/50 partnership between the franchisee and Laser Clinics Australia, which has been instrumental in reducing start-up and ongoing operational costs. (Source: Seek Business)

Laser Clinics, the Franchise Council of Australia, has recognised Australia for Excellence in Franchising, Franchise Innovation, and as an Emerging Franchisor.

With over 16 years of operation, Laser Clinics Australia has built a network comprising more than 500 nurses and doctors, indicating a substantial growth in their professional network.

Ella Baché Australia is a well-known and iconic skincare brand in the country.

With a rich history and a commitment to providing quality skincare solutions, Ella Baché has become a trusted name in the beauty industry.

Ella Baché has over 150 salons nationally, signifying a long-standing and expansive presence in Australia’s beauty sector.

Ella Baché also owns an elite beauty college, which boasts a remarkable employment rate of 98%, underlining their significant role in professional development within the beauty industry. (Source: LinkedIn)

Brazilian Beauty is a leading beauty clinic in Australia that specialises in various beauty treatments and services.

Brazilian Beauty, founded in 2004, has been experiencing consistent growth, emphasising its core values of delivering unparalleled customer experiences.

With each passing year, the brand has not only expanded its footprint.

Still, through its clinics and franchise partnerships, it has enabled customers, franchisees, and team members to embrace and express their unique beauty.

The Brazilian Beauty franchise presents a robust business opportunity in Australia, backed by a supportive franchise system and a compelling brand vision centred on providing exceptional customer experiences and guaranteeing client satisfaction.

9Round Australia is a fitness franchise that offers a unique and effective workout experience.

With its specialised 30-minute kickboxing fitness routines, 9Round Australia has become a convenient and results-driven fitness option for individuals nationwide.

The fitness clubs under this franchise range between 100-150 square meters, providing an alternative to “regular gyms” without the need to maintain expensive machines.

The franchise model is designed with low start-up costs, making it an accessible and achievable opportunity for prospective franchisees.

Orangetheory Fitness is a unique and innovative fitness franchise that originated in the United States and quickly gained popularity worldwide.

Orangetheory Fitness prioritises the success of its members and franchise partners.

The brand’s robust development record attests to a fruitful franchise system.

Moreover, franchise partners receive comprehensive support from the corporate entity in various areas, including real estate, marketing, operations, and more.

Essential Beauty Franchise is a well-established beauty salon franchise in Australia with a history stretching over three decades.

Essential Beauty, with 20 salons, ranked first in BRW’s list of the Fastest-Growing Franchises in Australia in January 2006.

Potential franchisees looking to open a new salon under the Essential Beauty Franchise are expected to invest AUD 250,000 and AUD 325,000. (Source: EB Franchise)

This investment covers various costs, including shop fit-out, stock, plant, and equipment necessary to open the salon​.

Jetts Fitness was founded in 2007 and has been franchising since that year​.

With over 280 outlets across Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, this investment model is designed for robust growth and remains Australia’s most loved gym.

The initial investment for a Jetts Fitness franchise ranges from $550,000 to $700,000.

The franchise model is described as a high-return business model built for growth.

It offers an excellent return on invested capital, consistent profit, and opportunities to expand into owning multiple gyms.

HYPOXI Australia Pty Limited is a distinguished entity in Australia’s fitness and wellness sector, known for its specialised weight loss and body shaping solutions.

Today, HYPOXI Australia operates 18 corporate-owned studios and 24 franchise and licensed studios across five states. (Source: Hypoxi)

Additionally, the company has extended its network to countries in the Asia Pacific region, including Vietnam and Thailand.

F45 Training, originating from Australia, is a rapidly expanding fitness franchise known for its unique approach to group training.

F45 Training is recognised for its rapid global expansion. As of 2023, it has over 1,750 studios worldwide, with around 300,000 active members, demonstrating a substantial growth trajectory. (Source: Get Gym Fit)

Their popular workout style and organised business approach have made them successful worldwide.

The franchise was awarded the fastest-growing fitness franchise in the US in 2021 and was acknowledged globally for its rapid expansion. (Source: Wikipedia)

Ziggetty Snipits and Nitpro is a beauty franchise in Australia that specialises in children’s haircuts and styling services.

Ziggetty Snipits and Nitpro focus on creating a fun and welcoming environment for kids, offering themed haircuts, parties, and pampering sessions.

With over 20 locations across Australia, Ziggetty Snipits has built a strong reputation for high-quality haircuts and styling services for children.

The franchise provides comprehensive support and training to franchisees to ensure success in providing head lice treatment and/or kids’ haircut services in their area.

Silk Laser Clinics is known for its commitment to using advanced technology, maintaining high safety standards, and offering professional consultations to its clients.

The clinic has grown significantly over the years.

It was valued at $162 million with a successful listing on the ASX, indicating a substantial demand for its services and a profitable model for potential franchisees. (Source:SMH.com)

The franchise opportunity with Silk Laser Clinics is within a rapidly expanding industry, supported by a well-established and reputable brand.

QMG is a mental wellness tech business that designs solutions for individuals and companies across over 25 countries.

QMG has a community called “Mind Mentor,” they also have VIP Ambassadors who are high achievers who excelled through the Quality Mind Program.

An upfront investment of a minimum of $10,000.00 is required to start the Franchisee of Quality Mind Global.

There’s potential for significant revenue generation, with prospects of earnings in the six- to seven-figure range.

Franchisees also enjoy support in lead generation, which allows them to focus more on coaching rather than on client acquisition​.

Founded in 2016 by four-time world champion boxer Danny Green and fitness entrepreneur Tim West, UBX Training has quickly grown to over 90 boutique gyms across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. (Source: LinkedIn)

UBX Training offers franchise opportunities for individuals interested in joining their network of franchisees dedicated to changing lives through fitness

The franchise requires a $200,000 – $220,000 capital, with pre-approved finance options available.

Franchisees receive complete strategic support from a team of experts, including marketing and operations.