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Top 10 Soup and Salad Franchises in Australia

Top 10 Soup and Salad Franchises in Australia

Top 10 Soup and Salad Franchises in Australia

Top 10 Soup and Salad Franchises in Australia

If you’re a new entrant looking to own a food franchise in Australia – it’s essential to consider a Famous Restaurant Franchise brand with a well-established reputation, several years of market experience, and a track record of successfully operating franchise units.

Our list of the top 10 Soup and Salad Franchises in Australia includes only Franchises that have proven their viability in the market and have been thoroughly researched. 

The franchisors of these brands are committed to supporting their partners to achieve mutual success and profit.

Let’s head to the list of Top Soup and Salad Franchises in Australia.

Number of Franchises: 80+

Headquarters: Australia

Founded in: 2003

Franchise Cost: $300,000 to $380,000

Sumo Salad is an Australian salad bar chain founded in 2003 by Luke Baylis and James Miller in Liverpool Street, Sydney. 

In its first decade, the business grew through franchising, reaching 100 stores and expanding internationally to 9 franchise stores in New Zealand, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and Brazil.

Baylis and Miller initially hired friends and family members, including a trainer and marketer, to help develop the business.

From 2013 to 2015, Sumo Salad partnered with Pete Evans, a Paleo diet advocate. (Source – Sumo Salad)

Number of Franchises: 20

Headquarters: New South Wales, Australia

Founded in: 2012

Franchise Cost: $150,000 – $250,000 

Naked Foods is Australia’s leading destination for sustainable and organic whole foods, focusing on promoting health, well-being, and zero-waste shopping. 

By joining the Naked Foods team, franchisees can own a business with solid values and transparent operations.

The business model is designed to provide a range of support services to help franchisees succeed, including:
– national marketing and advertising
– flexible floor plans, ongoing learning, and development
– design support
– staff training
– store development assistance
– lease negotiations
construction guidance

And much more.

The Naked Foods franchise model offers an exciting opportunity for individuals looking to own their businesses and positively impact the world.

With a proven business model, transparent operations, and comprehensive support, franchisees can feel confident in their ability to succeed as part of the Naked Foods family. Regenerate response. 

Number of Franchises: 78

Headquarters: Pennsylvania, United States

Founded in: 2007

Franchise Cost: $250,000 – $550,000 

Mad Mex is a chain of Mexican fast-food restaurants that originated in Sydney, Australia. 

The restaurant specialises in Mexican cuisine and aims to provide customers with a healthy and enjoyable dining experience.

The company is seeking franchisees who are passionate about food and providing outstanding customer service. 

Mad Mex offers a comprehensive six-week training program and two weeks of on-site support from the “MAD TEAM” during the restaurant’s opening to support franchisees in their venture.

Mad Mex announced its expansion into Asia following the company’s strong financial performance, which saw sales growth of +6.5% and a record-breaking streak of 70 consecutive weeks of sales growth in Australia.

This made 2018/2019 its most successful financial year to date. (Source: Foodmag)

The franchisees will also have access to the brand’s tried-and-true processes, operations manual, and various online training resources. 

This way, Mad Mex is dedicated to helping franchisees succeed and grow their business. 

Number of Franchises: 700

Headquarters: Victoria, Australia

Founded in: 1980

Franchise Cost: $500,000 – $600,000 

Baker’s Delight is an Australian Bakery Franchise chain based out of Melbourne.

The company started in 1980. 

Over the years, it has become the largest Australian-owned bakery franchise, with a presence in New Zealand. 

Currently, the company has more than 700 franchise units or locations.

Bakers Delight operates on a franchise model, allowing potential business owners to purchase a bakery from the franchisor or another franchisee.

Once the purchase has been made, the new owners manage the business’s day-to-day operations.

Bakers Delight has made a significant impact through its 20-year partnership with the Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA). Throughout this association, the company has raised more than $20 million to support the cause. (Source: Manildra Group)

This company provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to start their businesses with the support and resources of a successful and established franchise. 

Number of Franchises: 46

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

Founded in: 2004

Franchise Cost: $430,000 – $650,000 

Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill is an Australian chain of fast-food restaurants known for its fresh and flavorful Mexican cuisine.

Their dishes have the highest quality ingredients to ensure the best flavour and taste. (Source: Salsas)

Salsas are known for their delicious and mouth-watering recipes, making them a popular choice for those seeking authentic and satisfying Mexican food.

Salsas will satisfy your craving for fresh and flavorful Mexican cuisine, whether for lunch, dinner, or a quick snack. (Source: Salsas)

Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill has established itself as a leader in the Australian Mexican food franchise industry with its commitment to providing active and personalised customer service.

The company is seeking franchise partners who are focused, persistent, and determined, with a strong understanding of the concept of partnership.

Franchisees will benefit from the company’s established brand reputation, proven business model, and comprehensive support, including training and marketing assistance.

By joining Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill franchise, individuals can own businesses and become part of a thriving and growing franchise network. 

Number of Franchises: 85+

Headquarters: Australia

Founded in: 2012

Franchise Cost: $400,000 – 500,000 

Roll’d is a Vietnamese street food restaurant chain that aims to bring the tastes and traditions of Vietnam to Australian customers.

The company was founded in 2012 and has since expanded to a store network of over 85 locations, representing all major cities across Australia. 

The founders of Roll’d view the franchise system as a relationship, similar to a marriage.

They believe it is crucial for both the franchisor and franchisee to have clear expectations, effective communication, and mutual value addition.

Roll’d have grown significantly; by 2021, it had nearly 100 stores across the country, serving over 5.2 million customers. 

Roll’d is dedicated to providing high-quality customer service and strives to make every customer experience as pleasant as possible. (Source: BioPak)

They also believe that, like in any successful relationship, both parties should enjoy great food together.

With this vision in mind, Roll’d aims to foster a supportive and successful franchise network built on strong partnerships and mutual success. 

Number of Franchises: 105

Headquarters: St. Petersburg, Florida

Founded in: 1986

Franchise Cost: $233,797- $598,386 

Saladworks is the first and largest franchise chain of fresh, made-to-order salad restaurants in the United States.

With over 100 locations nationwide and more than 50 stores in development, Saladworks has established a significant presence in the food industry. 

The company was founded in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, in 1986 and began offering franchise opportunities in 2001. 

The franchise provides extensive training and ongoing support to franchise owners, equipping them with all the knowledge and resources they need to succeed in their businesses.

Saladworks also has relationships with third-party financing sources that can fund start-up costs, equipment, and inventory.

The franchise has a strong reputation for quality food, excellent customer service, and a welcoming atmosphere. (Source: Wikipedia)

Number of Franchises: 320

Headquarters: Georgia, United States

Founded in: 1971

Franchise Cost: $522,570 – $1,635,380 

Schlotzsky’s is an American fast casual restaurant chain that has expanded to Australia, offering a menu of made-to-order sandwiches, soups, and salads.

Known for its distinctive, freshly baked bread and bold flavours, Schlotzsky’s has become famous for customers seeking delicious and convenient food options.

Schlotzsky’s Franchisor SPV LLC is responsible for offering Schlotzsky’s franchises. It is an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Focus Brands LLC.

To be granted a Schlotzsky franchise, the franchisor typically requires franchisees to purchase a Cinnabon Express franchise, which will operate inside the restaurant.

This requirement is a standard condition of the franchise agreement and applies to most franchise locations, with exceptions only in rare cases involving non-traditional areas.

By requiring franchisees also to operate a Cinnabon Express, the franchisor seeks to provide customers with a comprehensive food service experience and maximise revenue for franchisees. 

Number of Franchises: Unconfirmed

Headquarters: United States

Founded in: 1996

Franchise Cost: $122,300 – $473,850

Deli Delicious is a sandwich chain founded in Fresno, California, in 1996. 

It offers made-to-order cold and hot sandwiches, salads, soups, sides, and more, using fresh produce, premium deli meats, and high-quality bread. 

The chain has won the People’s Choice Award for Best Sandwich shop in Fresno for nine years and is known for its friendly service. 

Deli Delicious started franchising in 2008 and has grown from 11 locations in 2011 to 53 in 2019. 

All of which are not company-owned. The chain also offers catering services and fundraising opportunities for schools, teams, clubs, and other groups.

The restaurant became a local favourite, so six more locations were opened in Fresno. 

Over the years, the restaurant grew in popularity, winning several awards for “Best Sandwich Shop”.

In 2008, Deli Delicious Franchising, Inc. was established, and franchisee-owned stores started to open in the Central Valley region.

Number of Franchises: 240

Headquarters: Georgia, United States

Founded in: 1958

Franchise Cost: $1,187,065 – $2,499,390 

Mr Perkins is a restaurant that promotes mindful eating by offering gourmet soups, broths, salads, and smoothies made with fresh, seasonal produce. 

The focus is on creating nourishing and convenient meals with heart and integrity. 

The menu includes a variety of delicious flavours based on seasonal ingredients, focusing on holistic eating.

The restaurant believes it’s possible to have convenience and nutrition in one meal and aims to provide its customers with a mind-blowing eating experience. (Source – Mr Perkins)

Final Thoughts

Australia’s soup and salad franchise industry is thriving with a diverse range of options for customers.

The top 10 franchises in this sector offer various menu options and cater to different dietary requirements, making it easier for customers to find the perfect fit for their taste buds.

Whether a hearty bowl of soup or a fresh and healthy salad, these franchises have established a reputation for providing quality food and exceptional customer service.

With their convenient locations and affordable prices, it’s no wonder that these franchises have become some of the most popular places to grab a quick and nutritious meal in Australia.