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Top 12 Tutoring Franchises in Australia

Top 12 Tutoring Franchises in Australia

Top 12 Tutoring Franchises in Australia

Top 12 Tutoring Franchises in Australia

In the ever-evolving educational landscape, Tutoring Franchises in Australia have emerged as robust pillars of support for students across Australia.

These establishments aren’t just businesses – they are platforms that empower students to reach their full academic potential.

Tutoring is a growing industry in Australia as more parents seek additional learning support for their children.

Major education companies have rapidly expanded their tutoring brands and networks through franchising arrangements.

In this blog post, we will explore the top 12 tutoring Franchises in Australia.

Let’s head to the list:

Founded in: 1958

Headquarter: Takanawa, Tokyo, Japan

CEO: Minoru Tanabe

About Kumon

Kumon is one of the top tutoring Franchises in Australia. It focuses on mathematics and reading skills for students from preschool to high school.

It has over 3.7 million students in over 60 countries and areas, demonstrating its immense international success and reach in developing young minds. (Source: Kumon)

Kumon’s Franchise Model

Investing in a Kumon Franchise is an intelligent choice for those looking to make a difference in their community while running a profitable business.

Founded in: 1976

Headquarters: New South Wales, Australia

CEO: Jonathan Anderson

About Kip McGrath

Kip McGrath is one of Australia’s most popular and successful tutoring Franchises.

Unlike large-scale operations, Kip McGrath offers a personalised tutoring model in which small groups interact with a specialised teacher to address individual learning needs.

Kip McGrath’s Franchise Model

The Franchise model of Kip McGrath is designed to support Franchisees in running their own successful tutoring business.

This proven franchise model offers a unique opportunity for education entrepreneurs to own their successful Australian businesses and positively impact their local community.

Founded in: 2017

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

CEO: Mark Rohald

About Cluey Learning

Cluey Learning is a leading provider of tutoring and educational services across Australia.

Cluey Learning is a tutoring service in Australia known for its personalised approach and student learning support.

Cluey Learning was recognised as Australia’s 5th fastest-growing technology company in the 2021 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards, with revenue growth of 1662% over three years. (Source: Market Screener)

Cluey Learning’s Franchise Model

Cluey Learning’s Franchise model works by providing Franchisees with the necessary resources and support to deliver high-quality tutoring services.

Franchisees have access to a comprehensive curriculum aligned with the Australian National Curriculum, ensuring that students receive education that meets the highest standards.

Founded in: 2000

Head Quarter: Toronto, Ontario, CA

CEO: John Hooi

About Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor is a tutoring service that connects students with qualified tutors to provide personalised, in-home tutoring services to students of all ages.

With its unique approach and successful track record, Tutor Doctor stands out among other tutoring Franchises in the country.

Tutor Doctor’s Franchise Model

Tutor Doctor’s Franchise model is designed to provide Franchisees with a flexible and profitable business opportunity.

Franchisees are responsible for recruiting and managing a team of qualified tutors, while the corporate office handles marketing, customer acquisition, and ongoing support.

This model allows Franchisees to focus on building relationships with students and families while the corporate team takes care of the administrative aspects.

Founded in: 1993

Headquarters: Las Vegas, United States

CEO: Brad Sugars

About ActionCOACH

ActionCOACH is Australia’s leading business coaching Franchise.

Started in 1993, today, it has over 700 Franchise locations globally and helps many business owners across Australia achieve their goals and dreams.

The brand has received several recognition and awards, such as

  • Top Franchises Recession-Proof Award 2023
  • Top Franchises For Women Award 2022
  • Most Innovative Franchises Award 2022 and
  • Top Low-Cost Franchises Award 2023 for its exceptional coaching services and contributions to the business community in Australia. (Source: Action Coach)

ActionCOACH’s Franchise Model

ActionCOACH follows a Franchise model where individuals can become Franchise partners and receive comprehensive training and support to deliver business coaching services to clients.

Franchise partners benefit from the established brand reputation, proven systems, and ongoing innovation within the ActionCOACH community.

Founded in: 1984

Headquarters: Auckland, New Zealand

CEO: Sarah Simons

About NumberWorks’nWords

NumberWorks’nWords has been one of Australia’s most successful maths and English tutoring Franchises over the past decade.

The brand focuses on making learning fun and interactive for children through various games and activities.

NumberWorks’nWords Franchise Model

The Franchise model of NumberWorks’nWords is designed to provide a profitable and rewarding investment opportunity.

Franchisees receive comprehensive training and ongoing support, ensuring they have the tools and resources to run a thriving tutoring centre.

With a strong brand reputation and a commitment to excellence, NumberWorks’nWords offers a lucrative and fulfilling business opportunity.

Founded in: 2008

Headquarters: New Jersey, United States

CEO: Rick Sanders

About Brainworks

Brainworks is a tutoring company that provides individualised tutoring for students in various subjects, including mathematics and English.

Brainworks Franchise Model

Brainworks Franchisees are provided with a detailed curriculum, learning materials, and ongoing coaching and support from a team of experienced educators.

Founded in: 1993

Headquarter: Logan Rd, Australia

CEO: Jim Collins

About Fruition Tuition

Fruition Tuition is also considered a top education Franchise in Australia that has significantly contributed to the growth of numerous individuals over the years.

Fruition Tuition has been in the tuition industry since 1993 and has been setting industry standards ever since.

Fruition Tuition’s Franchise Model

Fruition Tuition’s Franchise model is designed to provide Franchisees with excellent support and training.

They have a team of experienced professionals who assist Franchisees in running their centres successfully.

Founded in: 1979

Headquarter: Cockeysville, USA

CEO: John McAuliffe

About Sylvan Learning

Sylvan Learning offers a fantastic Franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to make a difference in children’s lives while growing their businesses.

Having established over 710 locations worldwide, developed relationships with 5,000 schools, and consistently produced excellent student results over 40 years, Sylvan Learning has fine-tuned its consumer approach, expansion strategies, and business prospects. (Source: Sylvan Franchise)

Sylvan Learning’s Franchise Model

Their Franchise model works by partnering with individuals who are passionate about education and want to make a difference in their community.

As a Franchisee, you can open your own Sylvan Learning Center, providing tutoring services to students in your area.

Founded in: 2015

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

CEO: Dmitri Dalla-Riva

About LearnMate Tutoring

LearnMate Tutoring offers an exceptional opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to grow in the lucrative tutoring market while assisting students.

It is regarded as the most awarded tuition chain owing to its innovative learning programs and student outcomes.

LearnMate Tutoring Franchise Model

LearnMate provides end-to-end support to Franchisees – from site selection to curriculum development to marketing and bookkeeping/accounting.

This allows Franchise owners to focus only on tutoring without worrying about the other operational aspects.

Investing in LearnMate’s Franchise model is an excellent opportunity because it offers a proven and successful business model with a strong reputation.

Founded in: 2002

Head Quarter: California, United States

CEO: Shant Assarian

About Mathnasium

Mathnasium is a well-known international chain of educational centres offering customised math tutoring services to help children and students develop their math skills.

Mathnasium’s tutoring methods focus on developing fundamental maths concepts and skills through interactive games and visualisation tools instead of traditional rote memorisation.

Mathnasium Franchise Model

Investing in a Mathnasium Franchise is an intelligent choice for several reasons.

The demand for maths tutoring is high, and Mathnasium has a strong reputation in the industry.

Mathnasium has earned multiple awards and recognition, including ranking No. 80 in Entrepreneur’s highly competitive 2023 Franchise 500® ranking and No. 1 within the maths-tutoring category. (Source: PR News Wire)

Owning a Mathnasium Franchise provides stable income potential as the demand for maths tutoring continues growing across Australia.

Founded in: 2009

Headquarter: Toronto

CEO: Sunny Verma

About TutorBright

TutorBright stands out as one of the top tutoring Franchises in Australia.

TutorBright prides itself on providing personalised learning programs tailored to each student’s needs through innovative tools and a dedicated team of educators.

What truly sets TutorBright apart from other tutoring services is its emphasis on understanding the holistic needs of every child.

TutorBright Franchise Model

The Franchise model enables passionate education specialists around Australia to establish their own TutorBright centres with comprehensive support.

Overall, TutorBright’s commitment to excellence, qualified tutor-mentors, and personalised approach makes it a top choice for those looking to invest in a tutoring Franchise in Australia.